Learn Touch Typing with Instant Feedbacks

Fun way to learn keyboard touch typing with instant key glows based on your accuracy. Create a course instantly with your own text and start learning touch typing right away.


Key Glows

Key glows as you type in different colors based on your accuracy.

Create a course

Create a course instantly by giving your own text.

Multiple Layouts

Currently supports QWERTY, DVORAK, COLEMAK. More layouts coming soon.

Instant Graphs

Instant graphs on accuracy, net speed & gross speed.

Instant Statistics

Instant key statistics on every key press


Desktop App

Mac Desktop Version - Coming Soon! Please subscribe for more updates.


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Try Now

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This application was first conceived and created for 2013 April Mozilla Dev Derby. The application and source code was hosted on Mozilla Demo Studio till Mozilla took down the demo studio site. After that, the project was tweaked a little and moved to this current home. The source code of this application is available at github here. Feedbacks are greatly appreciated, particularly if you are using this app for learning touch typing.