Arun Kumar
Trying to make useful software tools ...

Hi! I'm Arun Kumar. I'm a computer programmer by profession. This site mostly has my personal programming side projects.

Personal Projects

I work on stuffs interesting to me in my free time. This is a list of some my selected personal projects.
React library for showing speedometer like gauge using d3.js.
Terminal Wordle game writte in Rust. Web like GUI with Keyboard hints, guess reveal animations etc.
Browser extension for getting one-time/repeat reminders. Available for Chrome/Firefox. Built with React/Typescript.
Moon Phase visualizer
Simple demo to understand Moon's phases and eclipses. Built with d3.js.
Hotcold Typing
Smart Touch Typing tutor with instant feedbacks. Placed 2nd in April 2013 Mozilla Dev Derby.
Slide my Text
Slide My Text is a small experimental app to convert plain text (with markup similar to markdown) to slides. Placed 3rd in July 2013 Mozilla Dev Derby
jQuery plugin that lets you manage collection of images in the web page as albums.
Vue library for showing speedometer like gauge using d3.js.
Svelte library for showing speedometer like gauge using d3.js.
Experimental Elixir module to print anything (single/multiple values) as string for debugging.
Kural Suvadi
Android app for Thirukural, an epic literature in Tamil language known for brevity and insightful thoughts. Built with React Native/Kotlin.
Terminal Wordle game written in go.
Most of my code can be seen at Github. You can reach me at palerdot@gmail.com.
Have a nice day!