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Set Reminders (repeatable/one-time) for the stuffs that matter ...



Repeatable Reminders

Schedule one-time reminders or repeatable Reminders. You can set reminders to repeat for minutes, hours, days or months. Get Notified in Chrome Browser for every reminder you set. You can also view all the scheduled reminders in an easy way.


Save Pages to Read Later

Just right click and press "Add to Remindoro" to save the current web page to the Remindoro Extension. You can then schedule to read it later. You can also select a text and press "Save text to Remindoro" to save the selected text.


Take Notes

Remindoro can also be used as an generic note taking app even if you do not want to set reminders.


The following FAQ explains all the features and behaviours of the Extension.
How to schedule Reminders?

In the bottom right section, you will see a menu (with three dots). Clicking on the menu, will give you following options.

  1. Add a One-time reminder. The default one-time reminder will be set 45 minutes from the current time.
  2. Add a repeatable reminder. Set a repeatable reminder, which can be repeated for every minute, hour, day or months.
  3. Delete the Reminder

What are the menu options available on top right corner of the extension?

We can see following three menu links on top right corner.

  1. Add - Clicking on this menu will create a new remindoro with empty title and content. We can later add content whatever we need and then schedule it if needed.
  2. Home- By default this is the screen shown when the extension is opened. This shows all the Remindoros with the most recent updated one first
  3. Events - This shows all the remindoros which are currently scheduled to be reminded. This includes both one-time and repeatable reminders.

What happens if the One-Time Reminder is already past when the Chrome Browser is opened?

For one-time reminders, if the already past reminder is atmost 15 minutes old, the reminder will be shown in a minute after browser is opened. Since, Chrome Browser is not an ever running app, currently, if it is just 15 minutes old, the reminder is shown.

What happens if the repeatable reminder is already past when the Chrome Browser is opened?

For repeatable reminders, if the reminder is already past when Chrome browser is opened, the reminder is updated for the next scheduled time based on the repeat interval. There will no notification shown for already past repeatable reminders. You can always view current scheduled reminders by clicking the Events menu on the top right corner.

If the repeatable reminder is scheduled to repeat in minutes or hours, the already past reminder is scheduled to repeat from the current time. If the reminder is scheduled to repeat in days or months, the next reminder date & is calculated from the already past date & time.

How to save a current web page in Remindoro Extension?

Right Click on the Web page and click "Add to Remindoro" Option shown in the options. This will add the current web page details in the Remindoro Extension. You can then add reminder options later if needed.

Can we save text in web pages in Remindoro Extension?

Yes. Select text in a web page and right click. Then, click the "Save to Remindoro" option to save the highlighted text to Remindoro Extension.

Can I save the stuffs to cloud?

No. Remindoro is an offline only app. It is more useful for creating transient reminders/notes.

Will there be more features for Remindoro Extension?

Yes. If you have any feedback or ideas, please share it as a comment in Firefox or Chrome Extensions page.

For queries or comments, please leave a feedback in Firefox or Chrome Extensions page.

Open Source

The source code of this extension can be found at the following github page
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